Monday, July 1, 2013

Family Gatherings

We are blessed to have such a great extended family in the midwest.  My dad is one of 5 children and my mom is one of 10.  Our timing with this trip was perfect, allowing us to attend the Snap graduation party and the next day, a pool party at my cousin Kathy's home.

Both of my brothers, Scott & Mark were able to attend the Snap graduation party with thier families.  Claire and Joey were happy to see their cousin, Lily and the Snaps know how to throw a good party, pictured L to R:  Jordan, Deb, Tom, & 'lil Conner (how did we forget to put Cameron in the pic?).

The next day, we travelled to my cousin Kathy's house in St. John, Indiana.  We enjoyed the warmth of the day, had a BBQ, and reconnected with dear cousins, aunts, and uncles.  

The kids were impressed with the fact that Kathy's pool had both a slide and a diving board.

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